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This is an article that needs to be said and done.This is about why nice guys finish last.

Yes I used to be "the nice guy". I was a little anti-social and shy. Of course I did join a sport (boxing) in sophomore year and early junior year, but it was not for long due grades slipping and injuries. Even though was doing sports outside of high school and made a lot of friends, I was still shy, and I was mostly shy to girls.

By senior year, I began to activate my Facebook account and Twitter and made so many friends than just the people that know I was in the past and especially in my APUSH class.So over the summer of 2014, a friend of mine introduced to many dating advice videos on YouTube because he pointed saying that I was "being too nice of guy", which is not always a good thing.

In many of those videos and blogs, I learned about what Nice Guys Do that turns a girl off: They do not take risks, wait for the girl to make a move when it comes to dating, and they're needy. But there was one thing that I learned that interests me because it seemed very obvious of why Nice Guys fail:

Most of today's guys (teenage boys or guys in their 20's) were raised by single mothers, and your mom told you, "Son, if you ever want a good wife or a good girlfriend, you need to be nice to women. You need to respect them, buy them flowers and chocolates, open the door for them, politely smile, call them up every day, ask them how they're doing, etc."

Once you do follow your single mother's rule, GUESS WHAT, you end up being walked all over on by these girls in high school and college (mostly high school). Don't believe me, you thought that hot cheerleader chick Melissa or that Cute Sorority girl from Alpha Phi, Karyn thought that liked you because you were being so nice to her all the time, these two after a while will just look at you as JUST A FRIEND, once you finally pop the question, "Hey do you want to go out?" She'll reply, "Oh I'm sorry, it's just that you're a sweet guy and I'm sure any girl is lucky enough to have you, but it's just that I don't want a boyfriend at the moment."

Meanwhile you catch her next weekend at a house party, and that same girl that rejected you will have Brad, All American pro football with the muscle and the snotty cocky attitude or Mr. Alpha Kappa Omega fraternity jock with the bad boy reputation. You catch one of these two guys, grabbing her boobs, smacking her ass, have his arm around her, making out in the dark, getting her drunk, and grinding on her.Those guys are fucking assholes and the nice guys wonder why is she interested in them, it's because they have confidence.

Confidence is something you are comfortable doing, have fun most of the time, just don't care, takes risks, and they're not needy. As I said before, nice guys do not have the balls to take risk when they barely flirt with the girl he he like and barely touches her softly. Nice guys are also needy when they're lives hella sucks where they don't have balls to speak the truth they like girl. What they do when they're needy, They over compliment everything about them, which is an overkill, always hooking her up, buying her stuff, and doing back flips for her just to get her to like him. Bad boys and jerks DO have confidence and they're not needy.

So all that bullshit your single mother told you, don't listen to it and sooner or later you're going to start telling yourself, "Man, I followed my mom's rules and still nothing, I wish my dad was here. He'll give me better results." Let me tell you something, when you ask your mom, "Whatever happened to dad how come he is not in our lives?" One of the things she says is, "Honey don't ask about him. Your Dad was a jerk he's an asshole, unreliable, undependable, your dad was a jerk!" Really?! Well daddy wasn't a jerk when he proposed your mother to marrying him and them had your mom's legs up in the air and had made love to her to get her pregnant and gave gave birth to you.

That's what we got it twisted guys. If you really want to learn, you got to learn from your dad. No
matter much your mother told you of how much of a piece of shit your dad was, try to reconnect with your dad and let him tell you his side of the story. Maybe your dad wasn't such a bad guy, maybe your mom was such a damn cunt, too busy partying with bunch of other jerks and scumbags that daddy got titeed of bullshitting and said, "Fuck you bitch. Yeah I'm a jerk, I'm a fucking asshole because you're being a bitch. I'm over here working full time for our family, watching the kids, and you're doing this behind my back? Fuck you bitch I'm out of here!" Find out the truth from you dad; he knew something if he was able to boil your mom.

You guys kill me sometimes. I've seeing a huge rise in men(teenage boys and guys in their 20's) crying and bitchin' on Facebbok or on YouTube comments about why they're unable to a girlfriend, something like, " You know my girlfriend broke up with me. These girls are so mean to me and me a I will never find a girlfriend in life. Boo hoo hoo what is wrong with me? What's wrong with me? I bought this girl flowers and chocolate, I finally asked out to the Prom' and mean I was nice to her all school year. I finally had the courage to ask her and she turns me down, why?

Guys it's not the end of the world that a girl rejects you. These kind of girls you're associating with are either manipulator a or liars. If you want a girl that has the hot looks and a has whatever personality, you kind of have be at her level, or how I like to say it: Play the same game their playing. Sometimes you got to become an asshole or a douchbag. Look around you that's how it is today, most of the time. I know girls complain about douchbags all the time constantly but that's the thing a bout girls.

If you guys out there ever had female friends, sisters, or even girlfriends tell you all of this nonsense, this is one of the most dumbest things they'll say if you decide to put yourself in that mouth of theirs. They love to say, "You know my last two or three ex boyfriends, they were all jerks they were all assholes. Especially my last one with Kyle, he was such a douchbag. I finally had to end with him because he never returned my my calls, he would ignore me in school, and never showed me any affection. What a jerk!"

All of those jerks had one thing in common, they're all confident, they went out with her, half of them slept with her or whatever and end up getting laid . While you the nice guy, what did you do? Being too nice too sweat, buying flowers and chocolates and bending over backwards for her and whatever's you did through out you high school year or college, THAT'S WHERE YOU FAILED AT.

You guys need to wake up this is why there's a dating coach I preach. I want you to listen to this man, TrippAdvice. He is a dating coach in Southern California and does YouTube. I have learned a lot from him from his knowledge and helpful tips which has helped me a lot. I learned how to be more confident, going after what I want, and not being too nice anymore, sometimes you got to let loose and go what you are after. He talks about how to get girls to like you, how to dress, what to talk about, and how to act on a date.

Time and time again and you guys are letting these girls walk all over you and enough is enough. STOP IT! That's why TrippAdvice and all these other dating coaches online, you guys need to learn about yourself and I want you has learn why are all the bad boys getting all the girls. You know this is a topic I can go on and on about. I'm just tired of it guys even full grown men crying over girls or threatening suicide on Facebook because that girl they had a crush on, we're giving two high school jocks blowjobs in the boys' restroom.

I'm going to tell you this: if a girl rejects it's okay; focus on your self and follow your dreams and goals. There's many girls out there, just be patient. You will find someone in the future, so don't be hard on yourself. However if you want to cross that finish line quickly, you got to step you confidence game. I'm not saying go and be a tough guy, but just continue being kind, generous, and love yourself, that's what makes girls love you and see who you are.

It was nice talking to you!

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Hello my name is Josh Ocampo. I am from Hayward, California and go to California State University, Hayward.

This is my first blog site which contains my opinions and my life. I had a crazy life that I would want to share with you. There were up and downs, but I guess drama makes the best content as we deal with the situation and learn from it. I can be shy at first, but once I learn to experience things and like it at the end, I am more comfortable. There is a whole world out there for me and it is time for me to experience.

Some of my blogs may be limited on who reads what is appropriate for my audience such "Guys needs to read this ONLY" or "College/High school students only". If my blogs sounds fun about life and my experience to me and sounds interesting to my audience, it will be for everyone.